How to Facebook to Twitter

How To Facebook To Twitter - You can link Facebook to Twitter The advantage of doing so is that when you post on one system, it will automatically be published on another. It conserves your time as well as makes you remain active on both social media networks. Like to do it? After that, without more trouble, let's see the steps to connect accounts.

How To Facebook To Twitter<br/>

How To Facebook To Twitter

Go to and click on the "link to twitter" button. You can connect your personal account (on top) and/or any one of your Facebook pages all from this page.

How To Facebook To Twitter<br/>

Note: you have to be logged in to the Twitter account you are attempting to link.

From there it will certainly take you to a prompt to Authorize Facebook to utilize your account. If you are not logged in, you will certainly need to enter your Twitter username as well as password first.

How To Facebook To Twitter<br/>

Once you click "Authorize" it will reroute you back to Facebook where you see the adhering to screen as well as can select what sort of material you want to share by clicking on packages.

How To Facebook To Twitter<br/>

Below you can determine just how much details you want to share with Twitter after that click "save changes" and also you're prepared! Now you'll have the ability to simply post a condition update in Facebook that will certainly save you from needing to login to both solutions and also post two separate updates.

Note: given that Twitter has a 140 character restriction, it will automatically trim your post with an immediately produced short URL (Example XYC) that will connect back to the initial post on Facebook.

Just How to Unlink Twitter from Facebook

Note that you likewise have the choice of downfall this link at anytime by going to This is not an application by a third-party, however the official Facebook/ Twitter assimilation. On this page, just select the "unlink from Twitter" link next to the Twitter accounts you no more wish to have actually associated with their corresponding Facebook pages. Incidentally, you can also access this connection from within Twitter.

Linking Your Tweets to Facebook

In addition, you can post your Tweets to your Facebook page by mosting likely to however since June 2015 when we last inspected, this function is experiencing technical problems. There have been some comments listed below from our readers on their initial hand experience and efforts to link them, nonetheless we'll make sure to update this post when the problem is formally dealt with and also working once again.